My spouse, Elaine Laabs, passed away January 4, 2011. Several of my friends recommended your Grief Recovery meetings and I attended these on a consistent basis. First, the socialization with the others in attendance meant so much to me. I then came to learn there is an immediate comfort in identifying with the input these people felt free to express. This opportunity for help coupled with the high spiritual emphasis you maintained throughout the meetings is wonderful. Thank you so very much.
~Elery Albertson

GriefShare was a HUGE help to me following the loss of my husband. My healing process began there. The series dealt with aspects of grief like anger, guilt, and loneliness-and many things that I had no idea were a part of grief. I learned that joy and pain can co-exist and that God can heal the brokenhearted. No matter who you have lost, GriefShare can help you work through the many different stages of grief and help begin the healing process. I highly recommend this program.
~ Wendy Walder

This group is full of compassion and comfort for the grieving person that has lost someone recently or months to years ago. My grief is unique to others, but the feelings and stages of loss are the same. This group provides me with relationships that understand what I am going through and we support each other well. The fact that it is Christ centered and video based makes it a great healer for my soul, spirit and body. I would encourage anyone to come that wants to achieve wholeness again. I have been able to experience joy and peace during the last 10 months after that I lost my Mother to breast cancer. Praise God for the facilitators that lead GriefShare.

~ Vickie Rosburg

I am finding that being a part of the group, “GriefShare”, has helped me walk through the grief of losing my cousin, Cheri, to suicide in February of 2011 and my mother, Clare, in October of 2011. The support and encouragement of others in the group has shown me that there is hope that my life will go on. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with my feelings. It is good to know that all the feelings I have are “normal.” It’s OK to get angry (as long as I don’t stay in that place). It is OK not to understand. It is OK to cry.

This is one of the roller coaster rides that I would prefer not to be a part of. But, here I am and I put on my safety belt and pull down the lap bar. I have quite a few friends on the same ride. That is a great encouragement to me. It is a good feeling when we can share about our losses. The last thing I want to do is forget about the people that I have lost that were a part of my life. I need to treasure the memories of each person.

The group has also helped me in knowing how to appropriately respond when people say, “Oh, I know EXACTLY how you feel.”

It is OK to know that other family members will grieve differently than I do. Their relationship with the person was unique to them; just as mine was unique with the individual. ~ Rod Bailey

GriefShare is a priceless, meaningful experience that helps anyone who has lost a loved one through death. After losing 3 people in my life in 17 months I can attest to that. I have been attending 1 ½ years and have learned all about grief through the videos. The sharing with classmates is done, one day at a time and cannot be rushed. I would recommend it to anyone. ~ LaVerne Rask

GriefShare has been a wonderful experience. I walk into a room where I know others relate to what I am going through. It has allowed me to thoroughly work through my grief and given me a basic understanding of what it’s all about. GriefShare has shown me that there is definitely hope to come and that God is the only one who can sustain me as I go through this season of grief.
~ Christina Biskup

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