DivorceCare for Kids

I have been taking my children to DC4K for approximately one year. At the beginning of our separation, I immediately noticed a change in the children. The anger, depression, melt-downs, reclusion, along with other variations in their behavior had come to surface. As much as we tried to help them, we were failing and things seemed to get worse. I heard about DC4K from a friend and felt led to send them, in hope that they would want to go and get the help they desperately needed. Although we do not attend Trinity Church, this program has had a tremendous, positive impact on the children. There has been a significant change in this short time. But not only that, the children look forward to going every week! They enjoy being there and love Ms. Starla & Ms. Gail! The children would rather skip dinner and get to DC4K.

Thank you for this ministry, it has truly been an answer to my prayers!

DC4K has helped my daughter in regards to her feeling “different” from her friends. In our social circle, we don’t have any divorced friends and my daughter has always felt different. At DC4K she can be with children that are going through similar circumstances. My daughter feels relaxed and at ease because most of the topics are issues she is able to relate to. DC4K has helped to reinforce God’s love for her. I believe DC4K has helped her to accept that her parents’ divorce is not her fault. DC4K has truly been a blessing for my daughter!

DC4K has not only helped my son by giving him a “safe” place to talk about his feelings, but has also helped us to have more open/better communication. He felt like he didn’t know any divorced families before we came here, so being around the other kids made him feel better (more normal).

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